Saturday, July 31, 2010

Finally, Palace of Versailles pictures

It was hazy that morning, but hopefully you get an idea of how huge this palace is! I'm so glad to finally be able to put on a "few" of the hundreds of photos we took. Hope you enjoy them!

Outside the palace before we went in.

The cathedral inside the palace.

One of the many beautiful rooms we toured through. All were very elaborate and ornate. After all, kings and queens lived here.

A huge hall full of this huge paintings depicting different wars and treaties of the times.

The famous "Hall of Mirrors".

This is from the palace looking down into a center walkway into the 28 gardens. You'll see another photo showing us down by the big lake looking up towards the palace.

Great photo op!

Another beautiful garden with statues!

Walking, and walking.....

Within another fabulous, beautiful garden.

This may give you a little idea of how huge this place was. Far in the background you can see one wing of the palace itself. Where we are standing isn't even the furthest end of the gardens, but it does run down the middle of them. So there are 14 huge gardens on either side of this large center walkway.

Another very large statue in a huge pond!

This pond was so cool! They had a musical water show! There was some music over some hidden speakers, and the water sprayed in cadence with the music. We loved it!

Us in front of one of the 28 gardens.

One of the many statyes outside in the gardens.

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