Saturday, July 24, 2010

A day at the Palace!

Bonjour! I continue to have trouble loading pictures onto my blog. I hope it's a location problem, and not a computer issue! Anyway, today we went to the Palace at Versailles! Oh my! To actually be touring a massive castle that kings and queens once lived in was amazing! It was so huge! We really enjoyed it so much. Then we went outside to tour the palace grounds. If I thought the palace was big, that was nothing compared to the gardens!! I only wish I had my pedometer on! :) I can't even begin to describe the beautiful flower gardens, all the huge fountains, the sculptures, the perfectly trimmed hedges and trees! And we took so many beautiful pictures and I'm so bummed I can't get them uploaded to the blog yet. I will certainly try when I get back to the states. Another great, but exhausting day!!

So tomorrow we will go to watch the finish of the Tour de France. If only I can figure out when the Tour will actually be arriving! I have asked several people here, and they don't seem to care about the Tour, so they have no idea! Ha!

More tomorrow!


Jen W. said...

Can't wait to see ALL the pictures Denise!! Sounds like you and the girls are having so much fun. Hugs to you all. Look forward to having you home soon!

Debbie said...

So jealous! Keep having a great time!