Saturday, June 26, 2010

SUH-perman encounter!!

Today was the day to go up and get autographs from Ndamukong Suh (this years 2nd pick in the NFL draft!!) and coach Tom Osborne. We've been very excited for this day to arrive! We waited in line for over an hour waiting for Suh to come out and begin signing. We were very hopeful that we would also get to have a picture taken with them. The security was very tight and weren't allowing fans to get pictures taken with them, which really disappointed us. The best we could do was to shoot a picture as he was signing.

This is the best we thought we were going to get. So then it was time to get in line to get Osborne's autograph. What a nice and wonderful man he is!! It was an honor to meet him and shake his hand. Afterwards we noticed Suh's line was almost empty. So we hung around hoping maybe we could get a picture with him. A guy in front of us asked if he could get a picture, the security told him yes, so he hopped over the rope and stood besides Suh while his wife took his picture. That made the security people mad, so they told us "no more pictures!" We were bummed, visibly, Suh saw that, stood up and walked over to the rope and motioned for Kaitlyn to come over for a picture!! We were thrilled! He didn't do this for anyone else!!

Kaitlyn with Suh!!

Me, getting Osborne's autograph. What an awesome day for both of us!!


Jen W. said...

Wow Denise! Great pics and story. You'll have to add this to her Nebraska scrapbook. So glad you got to meet them! said...

Also I wanted you to invite you to come talk about card making and scrapbooking at my web site:)
I would love to have more people over there who love it like I do:) Also check out my blog too:)