Sunday, July 19, 2009

Estes weekend

Here is this year's group in Estes; l to r, Linda, Allison (with dog, Parker), Jill, Amy, Trish, me, and Jen.

I just spent the last four days up in Estes Park with my scrapbook group. We stay in a beautiful cabin owned by Amy and Allison's parents. It's so fun and relaxing each year when we do this. Here is a picture of some more fun, we were playing the game Cranium. Jen (blue shirt) and Allison were do a charade, trying to get their teammates to come up with the correct answer first. Can you guess what they were trying to demonstrate? The Heimlich maneuver. The laughs were plenty, all weekend long! :)


jzscrappin said...

I definitely need a copy of this!!!

Jen W. said...

Thanks Denise - I am glad the whole world has the opportunity to see what I would look like giving myself the heimlich :-)