Friday, March 6, 2009

Surgery days.......

It's been a couple of crazy days. Wednesday after school I had to take Kaitlyn back to the doctor because she was in so much pain. They sent us straight to admitting at the hospital (thankfully, not the ER again!). She was admitted to the surgery floor. And late that same night she had a scope done and the surgeon also took her appendix. They also found another cyst they removed and some lesions. We're still not sure if all of that was the cause of all the recent pain, but now she's experiencing the pain from surgery. I've only been home a short time, on my way back to the hospital even now. I'm hoping she'll feel good enough to come home today. Shout out to our good friend, Jill, who works on the surgical floor! Thanks for being there!!

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hollystar said...

omg, thats the scariest thing to me. i really hope this was the solution to the problem and the pain goes away sooner than soon!

my thoughts are with you guys!